Location: Tengchong, China

Scope: Master Planning

Size: 100 square kilometers

Program: Resort Town including: hotels, mixed-use, commercial, canal transportation system, silk road and WWII museums, agriculture and hospitality universities and cultural heritage village. Hot spring area: including wellness retreat, artist retreat and musician retreats and hot spring spa hotel. Mountain retreat including: lakeside residential, village center, residential, hotels farm stay lodging, golf, mountain recreation and ranch with equestrian. National Park System including: Extensive hiking trails with interpretive center and overnight camping and cabins.

Description: This project consists of over 100 sq. kilometers in the mountains of Yunan province where the Owner is expanding the existing urban town of Tengchong creating a World Caliber Destination Mountain Resort.  Golfscape Design International has been responsible for complete envisioning, planning and landscape architectural guidelines for the project.  Other design components on this project include an urban waterway system to transport guests through a tourist canal system likened to a local version of San Antonio; a convention and entertainment district, a wellness retreat; an arts and music retreat, a hospitality university; a heritage cultural village; a upland ranch, two golf courses and a mountain recreational area.   Over fifty square kilometers throughout the project area have been preserved for National Park purposes and to preserve existing villages as they exist in their unique mountain settings.