Snake River Sporting Club

Location: Jackson, Wyoming 

Golf Course Architect: Weiskopf Golf Design

Scope: Landscape architecture

Size: 300 acres

Program: Golf course, clubhouse, residential, common areas

Description: Working closely with Weiskopf Golf Design the landscape was laid out for the golf course and related project elements. Arguably one of the most beautiful sites for golf and the naturalist alike, extreme efforts were made to preserve the pristine character of the site which lies adjacent to the Teton National Forest and Snake River. The plant palette was limited to native plant materials only in the form of trees, shrubs, groundcover and grasses. Natural landscape zones on the property include wetlands, forest, meadow and hillside. The site lies at the immediate base of the Teton Mountains which are resident to Elk, Bear, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Beaver, Eagle and a host of other wildlife. Designs focused on preserving and renaturalizing habitat for the wildlife so that their presence would persist uninterrupted.