Sheshan Golf Estates

Location: Shanghai, China

Size: 300 hectares

Program: Multi-family residential/hotel gardens and grounds, single family golf estate gardens, exclusive island estate properties, common areas and amenities

Description: Golfscape’s role at Sheshan has been to provide landscape architectural services to various residential blocks and common areas within the development. Residential blocks include exclusive, upscale gardens for single family villas, multi-family dwellings, roadways and surrounding common areas. Having worked at Sheshan for over five years many of the gardens have been completed and have been receiving accolades throughout the industry. Currently under construction at Sheshan's Isle Royale are perhaps the most extensive private estate gardens in China.  When complete these twenty villas with Gardens designed by Golfscape may possibly be the highest price private residential residences in China.

Press: 2008 Asian Golf Monthly Awards - Best Maintained Course in Asia Second Place, Best Clubhouse in Asia Third Place, Best Championship Course in Asia Third Place