Pine Creek Country Club

Location: Anseung, Korea

Golf Course Architect: Lim Golf Design

Scope: Concept design, schematic design, design/documentation plus construction observation

Program: Three 9 hole golf courses, entry road, maintenance building, and clubhouse

Description: The site is located approximately seventy kilometers south of Seoul in a predominately mountainous forest area. The forest is primarily pine trees with a strong under story of shrubs and grasses. Pine Creek Country Club is made up of three distinctive 9 hole courses; Pine, Creek and Valley. The landscape design incorporates massive rock forms and boulders that were existing on site as well as thousands of pine trees. The pines were removed from the site during construction and held in a temporary nursery. All trees were then relocated and strategically replanted at points on the site that were hand staked by Golfscape staff.

Press: "Top 10 Golf Course in Korea" 2002 by Monthly Chosun