Mimosa Golf & Country Club

Location: Clarkfield, Pampanga, Philippines

Golf Course Architect: Nelson & Haworth

Scope: Concept design, schematic design, design/documentation plus construction observation

Program: One 27 hole golf course.

Description: Mimosa Golf & Country Club was originally part of Clark Airfield Base in the Philippines. The base was closed in 1991 due to extensive damage from volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The eruption left the sight buried in lahar. From these ashes the course was rebuilt. Golfscape staff developed landscape designs for 27 holes of golf, a putting course, a practice facility and clubhouse. One of the extraordinary features of the golf course, Monkey Pod trees was already existing on site when the project started. Working closely with Golf Course Architects Nelson & Haworth, Golfscape staff helped to preserve thousands of existing Monkey Pod trees, some with canopies over 120 feet in width. Lush and colorful native trees and shrubs were utilized throughout the course.